Tuesday 9 September 2008


I have removed the tinting from the windows to make the Hilux look a bit less bogan. I can see into the windows now. When it was on the road I would wave at friends and they wouldn't even be able to see me.

It was not has difficult as I had expected. After using a blade to peel off a corner, the rest peeled of reasonably easily. Then  I had to remove the sticky. The trick is a good blade handle designed for scraping and lots of sharp blades. I used about one blade per window. 99% of the sticky was removed this way. For the last few smears, I washed the windows with a cloth dampened with eucalyptus oil, and finished with window cleaner.

The rear windows demister didn't work anyway so I scraped the elements off at the same time as removing the sticky. I found and aftermarket demister on eBay that I will probably install.

More photos to follow.

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