Monday, 22 September 2008

Batteries Arrived - port and final costs.

I picked up my batteries from the port last week.

3 tips if you go to the ports.
1. Wear a fluro vest
2. They don't load vans with a forklift
3. You are not supposed to break down packages for loading.

None of this was a problem but I will keep it in mind if the is a next time.

So... the final outcome

55 batteries AU$2290.48
Bank Fee AU$ 20.00
GST and Duty AU$ 423.77
Customs Agent AU$ 137.5
Port Fees AU$ 248.05
TOTAL AU$ 3119.08
or $56.72 each. 

They came in Under $60 so I am happy.

Now  to call about my battery box.

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