Monday 22 September 2008

Batteries Arrived - port and final costs.

I picked up my batteries from the port last week.

3 tips if you go to the ports.
1. Wear a fluro vest
2. They don't load vans with a forklift
3. You are not supposed to break down packages for loading.

None of this was a problem but I will keep it in mind if the is a next time.

So... the final outcome

55 batteries AU$2290.48
Bank Fee AU$ 20.00
GST and Duty AU$ 423.77
Customs Agent AU$ 137.5
Port Fees AU$ 248.05
TOTAL AU$ 3119.08
or $56.72 each. 

They came in Under $60 so I am happy.

Now  to call about my battery box.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mal,
for the inspection of new batteries, you might try the old trick from the heavy testing of Optimas.

Put the new batts. (all at once or as subpacks) under load cycle (and later charge cycle), borrow thermal-FLIR camera for a day or two, they are commonoly used now in construction to meassure thermal leaks in new houses.

If you see during load and charging cycles some weird hot spots developing on particular batteries, as seen through the FLIR camera on the outside of the batts., they are probably shot, or will likely perform badly in the near future.

You can easily identify the few possible lemons in your lot and immediately ask for replacement under warranty..

All best

Mal said...

Thanks for the tip 'M'.

I will see if I can borrow a camera.