Sunday 15 October 2017

JOTA 2017 Synth. Final files etc.

This years JOTA soldering project is a synthesiser. It is not particularly musical, but does make interesting sounds.

The sythesisor uses capacitive sensing to detect when a key is touched.

The 6 potentiometers are for controlling:

DCO (Digitally controlled oscillator): Coarse pitch and Double.
DCF (Digitally controlled filter): Filter peak and ENVmod.
ENV Attack and Decay envelope): Attack and Release affecting amplitude.

The project is a modified version of the project described at
The midificaitons are to use the Arduino Nano instead of 'raw' chip.

The main components of the synth include:

  • 12 key touch keyboard.
  • 6 potentiometers to vary the sound. These are connected to analog inputs on the micro-controller to vary the sounds in the software.
  • Arduino Nano running special DSP (Digital Signal Processing) code to detect key presses and generate sounds based on the potentiometer positions.
  • LM386 audio amplifier module to amplify the sound from the micro-controller and send it to a small speaker.
  • The project is run from a 9v battery.

Source Files