Thursday 13 March 2008

Updated - The gearbox will stay / Go.

I now have a better VFD and have a 5.125 ratio diff so I will no longer need the gearbox!

[I made a design decision that the gearbox will stay in the build unless I can get a more powerful motor controller. ]

I don't think the one I have will provide sufficient power for a standing start.

Gas less MIG: I am thinking of buying a Gas less MIG welder to do my own welding. I will have to be sure this is allowed by the engineering inspector.

Monday 10 March 2008

Aerodynamics and LRR tyres

Here ares some nice pages regarding ute aerodynamics and Low Rolling Resistance tyres from Greenseal and SJEAA.

Better Vacuum Pump

After spotting a post on the AEVA forum I bought a different style vacuum pump. This seems to be a rotary vane type. It may be able to be connected to the brake light switch via a relay which will simplify the build a bit. It sis lighter and seems quieter.