Monday 27 May 2013

C5 #1 more or less finished.

I didn't have time on the weekend to make a test ride video, but here are a few poorly lit photos.

I got #1 going by pinching parts from #2. #2 will probably never go again due to a worn gearbox output pulley and a rough body. Hopefully #3 has enough parts to make another good one.

When you ride it there will be a few things to watch out for from a maintenance perspective. The rear wheel bolt and bearings in particular. 

The side stickers are a little knocked, but look OK.

#2 looks a bit sad now. For #1 I took the headlight lens & Instrument pod.

I replaced the front wheel with a steel / aluminium one from a kids bike from a council clean up, The original one was melted. I must take a picture of that.

#1 pictures. All nice and clean. Complete with new decals where needed. It still needs a front indicator lens. I am awaiting a Land Rover indicator pair. They should be almost identical. Fingers crossed.

After test riding last weekend the drive wheel bolt was loose and the brake wheel bearing loose. I will take it on a longer run (with tools in hand) for a final shake down.

I have received some old 55Ah UPS batteries for them. The first one I tried died after a few hundred meters. The second one is holding up well. As we didn't have any battery tops, the battery power is now provided by Anderson connectors and new 6mm^2 cable.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Powerglide for an electric vehicle

DC conversion and Powerglide

Picture by picture rebuild Pump inlent on page 8

Dos and Donts

Boat hydraulic pump can be used for 0RPM pressure pump like those used for lifting outboards and stern drives.

Lots of good info

Direct Drive Couplers are availabe