Sunday 7 April 2013

Sinclair C5 Restoriation

I have recently came across a Sinclair C5. They were created by prolific inventor Clive Sinclair.

I am fixing up one for a Vectrix owner and restoring one myself.
This is the first one up on the 'hoist' aka old wire basket frame.

This C5 needed and still needs a few things done to it.
Here are the repairs I did yesterday:

  • Remove RH rear wheel and found the bearing cone was on backwards, and it also needs a lock nut. There was a rusty stain in the hub cap cover so I am guessing it had fallen off and had been resting there. I need to acquire a lock nut. It turns out to be 1/2" UNF
  • LH Drive sprocket is cracked, but still functional. Need to locate a replacement at some point.
  • Light and indicator switch brackets are very rusty. There might be enough of them left to strip them and re-paint.
  • There are rust stains on the plastic in places. I need to locate a suitable cleaner that will be OK on the plastic.
  • The front wheel brake calliper was very loose, and the pads worn. I tightened the calliper bolt and lock nut and replaced the pads. All working well now.
  • The RH front indicator is has the top broken off. There might be a spare with the owner.
  • The chain was quite rusty, but some oil sorted that out in short order. It now runs smoothly.
  • The LED Instrument panel is missing. There may be a spare with the owner. Thanks to the schematic diagrams on C5Alive I have been able to get the motor running by inserting a wire jumper into the instrument panel socket bridging pins 1 and 7. The pin arrangement is [1B34567890]. B is a locating pin. 0 is pin 10. This connected +5v to the relay drive transistor.
  • Both rear view mirrors were supplied with the C5 however the bolts were rusty and the plastic shear pins had... well... sheared. I drilled the location where the shear pins were located and inserted some screws. I will get some 3mm plastic screws so the they can shear if the mirrors get knocked.
  • To run the C5 under battery power, it needs either factory battery covers, or a replacement arrangement all together. I will look at LiFePo4 options. 
To Do: updated 1/6/2013
  • RH Wheel lock nut - Done - Sourced from a council cleanup bike
  • Front Indicator light reassembly or replacement. - Land Rover Indicators installed
  • LED Instrument panel or replacement with Cycleanalyst or similar. - Swapped from #2
  • Install plastic shear pins on the mirrors.- Installed stainless screws
  • Purchase misc. stainless steel nuts bolts and screws to replaced rusted. - Done
  • Replace damaged and missing decals. Available from C5Alive - Done with spares on hand
  • Rust kill and paint switch brackets - Swapped from #2
  • Replace cracked headlight lens.- Swapped from #2
  • High Vis Rubbers from Chas - Not really reqired
  • Replaced front wheel with Aloy/Steel  wheel.

RH wheel removed showing the drum brake assembly.
RH wheel reassembled. Missing lock nut.

The rear of the C5 with the boot (trunk) removed.

Drive sprocket. Note the cracks. Might need replacing in the not too distant future.

LH Axel and gearbox.

Indicator Switch + rusty bracket

Light switch + rusty bracket

Terminals of control box.

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