Monday 1 April 2013

Azure Dynamics Air Conditioning Compressor - Reverse Engineering

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The Air Conditioning compressor is going to be a bit more tricky to get going as it is controlled by CAN Bus.

It is labelled as AM64-19D623-AB

Supplier Code BLUJB. I have seen these detailed online a BJVJB also.

The electronics listen for a particular message and when received, performs the command within the message. The tricky part is, is that in a vehicle there are several hundred messages being transmitted on the bus by many devices every second making it difficult to locate the correct message.

I have asked on a few forums for someone to capture he CAN bus messages while turning the air conditioning on and off.

Here is what we know so far.
Like the water heater, it is the same as used in the i-MiEV.

My compressor at least has the incorrect wire colours on the control connector, but does have the correct pin positions on the connector.
I have been able to capture the status messages being sent from the compressor. using an AVR-CAN spying on the network with only the compressor connected. The message sent is from node ID 0x439. This was matched to  messages from 0x439 / dec 1081 from a CAN log uploaded on the EVTV forums by Jack

The AC compressor send the following messages:
439 0300000000000000 when off and 
439 0000000000000000 when on.

Below are the schematics and a few photos. The PCBs are all immersed in a gelatinous goo. Messy stuff. This is probably to increase the insulation between high voltage points, and protect the HV circuits from humidity and moisture.

From the photos it can be seen the HV +ve is Orange with a white stripe. -ve is Orange with a Black stripe.


AZD Schematic

Data Sheet
Input Pins

Internal View 
HV Input Section + is farthest from the camera

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