Thursday 11 April 2013

C5 #2

What do you call a group of C5s?
Just picked up the 2nd C5 for repair from a customer.

Like the others, it had flat tires. I have pumped them up and they haven't gone flat.

I also need a battery for this one. Will see if I can build a pack from Lithium Headway cells. 3P4S. If I can find some spent lead acid batteries of the correct size and terminals, I may empty the lead and acid, and build a charger, batteries and BMS into the case.

This C5 has less corrosion however based on the floor repair, has been well used.

For #1 I bough a 1/2" UNF nut to lock the bearing cone in place. Unusual thread but it is correct.

I also bough some reproduction high vis flags.

To do:

  • Replace BMX Tires with slicks from C5alive
  • General clean up.
  • Re-Fit mirrors. 
  • Fit new decals when available from C5Alive
  • Replace brake pads. $10 for 4.
  • Replace all rusted steel screws with stainless.
  • Worn drive gear. This could be a show stopper.
  • Replace handlebar and clamp nut and bolt.
  • Boot clips for both C5s
  • Belts
  • High Vis Rubbers from Chas

Very tidy.

RG wheel bearing arrangement for comparison with #1

Floor Repair. Nice job. Looks like a piece of plastic from a recycled C5

Mirror mount repair.

Handlebars - The padding is a bit abraded.

BMX Tires. Needs slicks.

Front brakes need new pads.

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