Monday 27 April 2009

A long trip to Homebush and back.

On Sunday I attended an event at Energy Australia

The trip there was  31.8km and the economy was 226Wh/km. 
The recharge time was 4 hours. (I have never had a chance to 'watch' the chargers before.)

The return trip was 39.4km (Thanks to Kearon getting lost and me making the mistake of following him) I averaged 210Wh/km. 

The extra kms were on flat ground around Olympic park. This really shows how much hills kill the batteries. I usually get abut 250Wh/km around the hilly area where I live.

My Hilux

Mark's Lotus 7 replica

Kearon's Capri

Peter's Combo

Nathan's Hyundai Excel

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Woody said...

Hi Mal,

I think internal battery resistance would play some part of the higher than expected Watt Hours / km.

e.g. charging at 2.4kW = 4 Amps.
4 amps through 50 batteries @ 11mOhm = I^2R = 16 * .55 = 8.8W (bugger all)

Draining at 36kW = 60 Amps.
I^2R = 3600*.55 = 2 kW. (not insignificant).

Can you measure the input/output of one charger to see how efficient they are approx?