Sunday 12 April 2009

Scatter plot of RPM vs. Torque, Power

(Power is 10x.) The above data was captured from the Danfoss VFD.
This would indicate that the Dyno run yesterday did not reach peak power / torque.50km/hr = 2100 RPM. The motor torque from the dyno plot at 50km/hr would be 2100*.323/5.125=132Nm. This (very roughly) corresponds to the scatter plot at that RPM.
The dyno plot can be for all intents ignored unfortunately. I will go and see them and see if they can do plots at multiple single speeds.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mal,

Your scatter chart shows a flat top or constant power output above a certain RPM and torque rolling off after a certain RPM. This is what one would expect to see.

I would question the dyno graph too!

Bill in Oregon