Tuesday 29 January 2008

Vehicles - 2 door Extra Cab Hilux.

I have been researching more vehicles in recent weeks as I wait for various parts to arrive.

I have narrowed my search down to a 2 wheel drive 89+ Hilux Extra Cab. The reason for the change from a van is:
a. It is tricky to find a van in good condition from the late 80's
b. My battery budget was underestimated due to peukert effect

I needed to find a vehicle with a higher GVM and still a 4 seater.

After looking at dual cab Hiluxes I found that the tray was too far back and would upset the balance of the vehicle too much. At the yard, I spied an extra cab which is a 2 door but with back seats with minimal leg room. Perfect for the kids.

I will need to swap the power steering box for a manual unit to avoid having to power the PS pump.

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