Thursday 10 January 2008

The 12 volt power supplies arrived

2 x 12 volt power supplies arrived today from e-crazyman on EBay.

I should have ordered the 15 volt version so it would adjust to 13.8v, however after placing a 10k resistor across R12 (1.5k), I was then able to adjust the PSU to the required 13.8 volts for running the 12 volt systems.

After chatting to the guys at at my ham radio club, the MWRS , regarding how to parallel the power supplies, Russell suggested ruining 2 x 12 volt systems. You can not parallel SMPSUs without having a mechanism to balance the current.
I can power the existing 12v circuits with one SMPSU and the new heaters and vacuum pump with the other. Each system will also have a small 7AH battery for the accessories.
One SMPUs will be powered by the +300 and the other by the -300 battery banks.

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