Tuesday 29 January 2008

Heater / Air Conditioning Idea

My friend Iain had an interesting idea that I will pursue.

That is to modify the air conditioning to be reverse cycle.

The idea would be to use the valving and capillary tube from a reverse cycle air conditioner (perhaps an in window unit from the council cleanup) and integrate into the vehicle heat exchangers.

The standard automotive compressor would be driven from a small 3 phase motor. This will need another VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) but on a much smaller scale than the traction unit.

I will be looking out for a jucked aircon unit. I have an old 1/4 hp 3 phase motor from the factory at work that has recently been dismantled.

This will make an interesting side experiment.

If this fails I will use the idea from Trev for a heater and do away with the aircon.

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