Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Electrolux might just be fixed.

I gave the Danfoss service guy a call this morning about my earth leakage trip problem. He suggested the following.

  1. Copy the program to the LCP (Menu 7 - upload)
  2. Reset the controller using a key sequence only a contortionist can perform
  3. Copy the program back to the controller from the LCP
  4. Give it a go.
Well I connected up the motor as I had previously done an earth leakage test on it (it passed)
I turned the ute on held the brake down and pressed the throttle. Sure enough it predictably tripped.
Then I performed the sequence above, and retested up to max current with my foot on the brake.

So far so good. Lets hope this sorts it out. Apparently the hall effect current sensors can build up an offset giving a false current trip. Resetting the controller forces the system to recalibrate using the offset.

The service tech mentioned for this fault to occur requires about a 20% current imbalance between phases which is more significant than I had thought.

Why didn't I call him 2 weeks ago???

Fingers and toes will be crossed on my drive to work today!

I will update in a few days the outcome.

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