Thursday 19 March 2009

Mental Note, Check the battery terminals!

It would seem that I did not have one of the battery terminals tight enough.
The battery still tests OK, but I have replaced it and the balance circuit with some spares.


Anonymous said...

Mal, hopefully, this will not repeat gain, do you think it was because of road vibration or just a mistake during install phase?

Btw. what is your current charge cyclus on these batteries, still in the early brake-in 20-50 charges area?

Mal said...

I am not sure why the terminal overheated as I am careful about tightening them It may be that I forgot to tighten it properly or maybe there was a bit if swarf or a jager preventing the strap from connecting to the terminal properly.

I use spring washers to prevent the screws from vibrating loose.

I am probably up to about 15 cycles. Average about 1 trip per day of between 5km and 20km, and 35km once per week.