Friday, 20 March 2009

Worlds first, registered totally industrial EV conversion

I began this planing this project after visiting the AEVA field day in October 2007. After much planing and calculating in Excel, I started purchasing parts (the motor) in December 2007. 

It took a while to find a vehicle that would suit. I looked at Toyota Town Aces, Suzuki Carrys Toyota SBVs and finally settled on a Toyota Hilux extra cab ute in April 2008. My requirements were to carry 360kg of SLA batteries + inverter and have 4 seats (for kids) without significant chassis modification. 

It was cheap for the model, but reasonably tidy. Some rust that needed dealing to but OK. This model is popular with young guys and this one had been painted black and had dark tinting, so I had to de-bogan it as well. 

To get to the point, 
I finally got it registered on the 7th of March. 

I am very happy with its performance on road. Thanks to Tuarn (acmotor on the
AEVA formus) for your inspiration in leading the way, despite me bing first to register.  

The tweaking and fiddling with settings took a while but got there in the end. It even has regeneration which is necessary in my hilly area. 

If there are any other registered industrial AC conversions around, do challenge my "subject" as I would be interested to know more about theirs, and concede to a lesser accolade of Australia or NSW.    
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