Friday 9 January 2009

Phase lost and Earth Leakage trips.

Since there are a few people watching this thread, I have another problem to contend with. 

I keep getting phase lost and earth leakage trips. After a few restarts, the problem usually goes away until the next day. I have double checked all connections. The motor connections were a little loose but the problem persists. Any ideas? The trip current is 3.5mA for the VFD. I am using 10mm^2 3 core+earth, unsheileded. about 4M long. The motor was mega tested when I bought it and I will borrow one to test again.

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Anonymous said...

1/ 4m x unshielded is perhaps not optimal (the shorter motor-vfd cable the better), but this shouldn't be the (only) cause of the problem

2/ Do you have some spare <20kW ac motor lying around, or could you borrow one for a quick "comparison" test?


Definately consult it with Tuarn, the Danfoss guru..