Monday 19 January 2009

More testing with some odd results

I tried switching to speed closed loop control with some unusual results. Also to a single profile to assist testing and reduce the possability of errors by adjusting 2 profiles.

If I coast backwards, even though forward is selected it accelerates reverse. I could not test the opposite due to the slope of my driveway. If I do a perfect hand brake start, it goes forward.
Back to open loop for now. :(

I hope my VFD does not have some strange fault.

The diff has a lot of backlash so when you lift off the accelerator there is a real clunk and lurch intil the drive figures out -0 torque is being generated and lets go. I anticipate this to be less obvious at road speed.

As I think tuarn mentioned in the past, speed mode might take some getting used to.

I will try torque mode next.

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