Thursday 13 November 2008

IEEE lecture by L Roy Leembruggen

I attended a lecture at the IEEE tonight . Details here

There was a very good turnout for the presentation this evening. And quite a few AEVA members as well. Many of the IEEE members were keen to hear about the various conversions underway after the main talk.

Andrew brought his motor bike along that drew a good amount of interest.

I should have printed some AEVA 'business' cards to had out.

Roy gave an excellent talk on his various EV designs and also briefly descried a business he is setting up and was receiving expressions of interest for people to become a part of the company.

He described various sized family vehicles as well as buses of all shapes and sizes, including a double decker the size of a B Double.

Unfortunately there is not a web site. I found this by google that discusses some of his projects.


Barrington said...

Hi Mal,
Yes I was there too. I'm a bit concerned about his low-tech approach to things.
Did you also see these old brochures...

Mal said...

Hi Barrington. Very low tech with the out of focus slide projector. Not a computer in site!

I would hope one of the first people he hires would be a savy IT director and team. Also a modern designer to bring the exterior of the buses into the 21st century.

Thanks for the link. I had not seen these, in focus at least :)