Saturday 15 November 2008

Batteries Installed

Today I installed the batteries and cut and drilled copper bus bars. Also put heatshrink.

I need some stainless steel bolts to attach the bus bars and the balance circuits. The screws and nuts that came with the Greensavers are too short and have cheap plated screws.

Here are the photos.

360kg of batterys almost make my Vitara pull wheel stands :)

Batteries bolted down
One set of 4 batteries connected. I need to buy some new bolts for the terminals to do the rest.
The battery balance circuits are attached to the 4 batteries in a set.


Woody said...

Looking good!
Do the chargers stay connected to the batteries the whole time or do the contactors sort that out?
Are you still going with 50 batteries / 600 V?

How are you connecting the middle to gound?

Anonymous said...

Great progress, Greensavers in the new trays looking good. I just realized that in your two latest entries the pictures can't be enlarged as you click on them anymore. Is it or you? Thanks

Mal said...

Woody, the chargers stay connected. The contactors break the pack up into safe 48v blocks when the vehicle is not running

M. Something has changed in blogspot. I cant figure out why clicking on the image for a full res version doesn't work.

Johny said...

Hi Mal. Looking very robust. What contactors did you use? They appear to be DPST.

Mal said...

Hi Johnny, yes they are. The reason is so I don't need 2x the number of contractors.

Mal said...

OK, Images will enlarge when clicked now. Some stupid thing in the blogger editor