Thursday 3 April 2008

Greensaver Silicon batteries

I have just been reading about these batteries.

They seem to cope better than Lead Acid on high discharge. Here are the specs of the 2 models I am interested in.

27 Ah

20 Ah


Anonymous said...

Hi Malcolm,

I like your blog! I'm doing a similar conversion (planning stages)and have looked at lots of batteries as well. I finally ended up putting a bunch of them in a spread sheet to see which gave me the most Wh/lb and the best Wh/$ (1 hour rate) ratio. So far these are the batteries that have come out on top for me...

Universal Battery UB12350 AGM
TNR 12V33 (AKA PS-12350)
Union MX-12340
Interstate Battery DCM0035
PowerSonic PS-12350 AGM

The UB12350 seems to always come out on top mainly due to cost.

Take care, Bill

Mal said...

Thanks for the tip Bill. I will check them out.

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