Thursday 13 March 2008

Updated - The gearbox will stay / Go.

I now have a better VFD and have a 5.125 ratio diff so I will no longer need the gearbox!

[I made a design decision that the gearbox will stay in the build unless I can get a more powerful motor controller. ]

I don't think the one I have will provide sufficient power for a standing start.

Gas less MIG: I am thinking of buying a Gas less MIG welder to do my own welding. I will have to be sure this is allowed by the engineering inspector.


Anonymous said...


Thinking of doing much the same thing however I might try direct drive. I think I can get a higher ratio diff to make up for the lack of a gearbox.

The hilux has a 4.1:1 diff most likely.

Anyway I have not got beyond thought stage yet. I will be following your build with great interest

Mal said...

Well I have changed my mind. I managed to get a 5.125 diff that should fit (from a hiace van). This will be about the equivalent of 3rd gear. So it is bacj to direct drive. I install the diff this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. This is good news as the motor I am considering for this first build, a Warp DC motor, has a bell housing with a half uni joint fitted.

Hopefully should eliminate some of the problems intefacing the motor with the drivetrain.