Friday 27 September 2013

Set of Azure Dynamics parts + BMW E30 for sale

Set of Azure Dynamics parts + BMW E30 for sale

Due to a change in priorities, I need to sell the parts I have gathered for my BMW E30 conversion. 

These parts will suit any small to medium sized car conversion, or the E30 that is also for sale (see below). Using direct drive on the BMW the 0-100 time is calculated at about 7 seconds depending on final drive ratio. With a gearbox, even quicker.

All parts are located together in Sydney. You don’t have to worry about group buys, import duties and freight costs. I have done it all for you. 

The price is $8500 for the complete set of parts. This is the all up cost including shipping etc. from around the world. If you add up these prices with similar parts from the EVTV store, it will come to about the same price, and you still have to ship the parts to Australia.

Shipping out of NSW can be quoted separately.

These parts have been selected especially to go drag racing and beat other 80’s - 90's cars such as the BMW E30. The idea is to use enough battery to provide just less than 400V at top of charge and sufficient amps to draw full power for 10 seconds. The high discharge ‘red’ headways are ideal. A little heavy, but fail safe, unlike prismatic and pouch cells. 

This kit, in a light E30 or a Suzuki Cary will fly down the drag strip, or just have some fun at the lights.

Here is what you get:
Azure Dynamics / Siemens water cooled induction motor model 1PV5138-4WS14

. This motor is good for about 100kW and 300 newton meters at 300 volts. I am sure it can be overclocked at least by 10%. Specs:

Vaxo motor shaft coupling for attaching to a drive shaft or clutch plate if using a gearbox.

Azure Dynamics DMOC645 controller – Already Programmed (controllers usually come un-programmed and normally require a CAN programmer worth several hundred dollars to buy). This controller has an upper voltage limit of 400 volts. If you use 330v of batteries you will be able to increase the motor power and torque by about 10%. There is a lot of support for the motor and controller available from the forums. 

TC Charger 2kW TCCH-312-5.5 Programmable up to 417V & 5.5A, CAN-Bus battery charger. I can even provide a working Arduino, LCD and CAN adaptor with source code to get you started.

Azure Dynamics air conditioning compressor with CAN bus commands documented. I spent quite some time locating the CAN documentation for this unit, saving you the pain. These are also used in the iMiEV in case you need to compare with a working unit. 

2 x Azure Dynamics water pumps. One for motor and controller cooling, the other for the cabin heater.

12 v Brake vacuum pump x 2. One rotary vane as used in Volvos. One Azure Dynamics piston. Your choice which to use, and which to sell.
Brake vacuum switch – adjustable with hysteresis.

Stainless steel bottle for brake vacuum.

Azure Dynamics water heater. This is for heating the cabin of the vehicle and required for demisting the windows.

Set of male and female J1772 connectors for the charging. This is preferred as you can use a commercial charging station, or with the provided cable, charge at home.

2 x Kilovac contactors.

High current MES-DEA 1000W DC-DC. This is a very professional unit rated at 60A output. Many are 40A or less and are simply not up to the task of driving the vehicles 12 volt electrics for any length of time at night with lights, fan and wipers running. This unit will run your 12 v electrics with all accessories running.

BMW Accelerator pedal. This is an awesome unit. Easy to mount and use with your driver interface. No more unreliable throttle pots.
Details of how to drive the various parts are located on my blog

Just add a driver interface such as, batteries and BMS. My preference is Headway batteries and Batrium BMS for ease of use and local support.

For a further 4k you can buy my white ’91 BMW 318i E30 to convert. This car is currently registered in NSW. It has been my daily driver for the last 3+ years. This car has no visible rust and is a pleasure to drive. The suspension is top notch, has new brakes all round and a M40 motor in great condition you can sell to recoup some of the cost. If you buy the car, I will also give you a factory manual steering rackso you don’t need to worry about a power steering pump. I will also include a Getrag 240 gearbox in case you want to use the output shaft or the gearbox. This also allows you to make an adapter plate before pulling the car apart.

If you buy the whole lot for $12,500, I can load up the car with the parts and deliver for free anywhere on the east coast and fly home.

Please phone 0409 601 747 or email should you be interested.

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