Monday 27 May 2013

C5 #1 more or less finished.

I didn't have time on the weekend to make a test ride video, but here are a few poorly lit photos.

I got #1 going by pinching parts from #2. #2 will probably never go again due to a worn gearbox output pulley and a rough body. Hopefully #3 has enough parts to make another good one.

When you ride it there will be a few things to watch out for from a maintenance perspective. The rear wheel bolt and bearings in particular. 

The side stickers are a little knocked, but look OK.

#2 looks a bit sad now. For #1 I took the headlight lens & Instrument pod.

I replaced the front wheel with a steel / aluminium one from a kids bike from a council clean up, The original one was melted. I must take a picture of that.

#1 pictures. All nice and clean. Complete with new decals where needed. It still needs a front indicator lens. I am awaiting a Land Rover indicator pair. They should be almost identical. Fingers crossed.

After test riding last weekend the drive wheel bolt was loose and the brake wheel bearing loose. I will take it on a longer run (with tools in hand) for a final shake down.

I have received some old 55Ah UPS batteries for them. The first one I tried died after a few hundred meters. The second one is holding up well. As we didn't have any battery tops, the battery power is now provided by Anderson connectors and new 6mm^2 cable.

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