Friday, 8 July 2011

Replacing Halogen down lights with LED. Costs and photos

We just have 2 halogen down lights in our house, but I would like to use them more often that we do.

I bought a few and replaced them. They work well for lighting up the stairs. The light is more blue than the halogens but OK for here.

I tried some at a friends place with electronic transformers and they don't work. The transformers probably detect no load and shut down.

So, How much can I save?

The test voltage was 13.65v

LED Current 0.31A
Halogen Current 4.2A

At 240v with say 90% efficient transformer this equates to:

LED: 4.65W ~ 20mA @ 240V
Halogen: 63W ~ .263A @ 240V

At 30c/kWh this amounts to:

LED ~0.014 cents per hour
Halogen ~ 0.19 cents per hour

Difference is .176 cents per hour. At a cost of 9$, payback is in 5113 hours or 213 days.

This might not seem much, but the lighting energy is now 7% of what is was. I call this significant.


One of each:

After with LEDs.


Anonymous said...

You should also factor in the cost of replacing the halogen bulbs, I have to replace at least one bulb every few months at my place and @ $2-3 for a standard one it makes sense to replace it with LEDs.

Anonymous said...

makes no sense with those blue light...

and if you run your light 24hrs a day you have another problem, halogen lights are just ok for now.

just think like 3-4hrs runtime average and how long the leds should last ^^

do you know why many people replace halogen bulbs with led?
Because theres no heat with led and risk of fire is lower...

Manlytom said...

Hi, got all my 90+ downlights on LEDS. first round 3W from Shenzhen. Had several fail. At $10 a kit no problem. Now moving to 230V / 5W ones that don't need a xformer. Most work well and overall we get a good deal as saves heaps. Light colour is good. Power bill has come down a lot...
so LED is here and working.