Wednesday 15 December 2010

Electric Hilux Ute for sale by reverse auction.

With much reluctance the time has come that I would like to move on to my next conversion. To do this I need to make space and sell the Electrolux, my electric Toyota Hilux.

I am holding a reverse auction on the AEVA site if you are interested.

See this site for the auction. Starting price is $5000, reducing by $200 per week.

It is the first road legal industrial AC conversion in Australia.

50 x 20Ah batteries
ASEA 15kw 4 pole aluminium frame motor
Danfoss 5042 VFD
Peak power is 48kw, Peak torque is 360Nm
Seats 4
rego till March (need to check)
located in Sydney Northern Beaches

It has been on the road for 18 months.
The batteries are good for only about 9 km on a warm day. The inverter sometimes takes a while to start in damp weather, but it always starts after about 5 mins to warm up.

This would be an excellent EV for someone to build on and develop as it is already registered as an EV. Or use as a technology test platform for a company.

There is plenty of room under the bonnet and in the tray to easily experiment with different configurations without having to shoehorn in components.

With a 100v motor rewind, a tritium controller and a 320v pack of 40-60Ah Lithium this would be a great vehicle.

Check the old posts in my blog for the build details or check the June 2009 edition of Silicon Chip magazine.

0409 601 747.

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discount car parts said...

any update with the car? reverse auction seems to be a great idea.. i'll be waiting to get it at $2000.. LOL