Wednesday 29 September 2010

Electrolux for sale.

With much reluctance the time has come that I would like to move on to my next conversion. To do this I need to make space and sell the Electrolux.

The first road legal industrial AC conversion in Australia.

50 x 20Ah batteries
ASEA 15kw 4 pole aluminium frame motor
Danfoss 5042 VFD
Peak power is 48kw, Peak torque is 360Nm
Seats 4
rego till about March (need to check)
located in Sydney Northern Beaches

It has been on the road for 18 months.
The batteries are good for 15-20km on a warm day. Less when cold.

The other reason for selling apart from space is that I don't want to invest any more into this vehicle, and move on to my next project.

I am looking for offers at this point because it is difficult to know what it is worth. The total project was about 14k including the vehicle, certification and on road costs

This would be an excellent EV for someone to build on and develop as it is already registered as an EV. Or use as a technology test platform for a company.

There is plenty of room under the bonnet and in the tray to easily experiment with different configurations without having to shoehorn in components.

With a 100v motor rewind, a tritium controller and a 320v pack of 40-60Ah Lithium this would be a great vehicle.

Check the old posts in my blog for the build details or check the June 2009 edition of Silicon Chip magazine.

I can be contacted by PM or on 0409 601 747.

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