Thursday, 26 February 2009

First real drive

After a trip to the local weighbridge, I now have the EV Grin! 
... and in the excitement I forgot to take a photo or video. arrgh!

The total weight is as expected.

Front: 628kg - 41%
Rear: 916kg - 59%
Total 1544kg.

The original dry curb weight was 1265. 58%F 42%R
279kg heavier

First run efficiency is 2.4kwh / 7.2km = 333kwh/km.
The silly thing with the Danfoss is that I think that the 2.4kwh includes driving and regen.

Points to note:
This is not counting regeneration.
I was driving quite aggressively, but not fast. Max speed was about 60kph.
I live at the top of a 100m hill.
The motor and controller were only warm to touch, even after a 100m climb in less than 1km.
Regen was set at 20% (3kw)/. I should be able to increase this to 66% (10kw) to have the diesel braking effect.

I have the tachometer reading kW but unfortunately it peaks at the motor maximum (15kw) so is not very useful. I will switch tacho back to RPM.

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