Monday 15 December 2008

Fuses, lots of fuses.

This weekend was spent making up fuse boxes. I purchased 60 FHM3AG fuses from Pacific Components .

26 of these are to connect to the outputs of the 13 chargers. These (actually 24) of them are mounted in 2 ABS boxes on clear acrylic. The final 2 will be inline as they are only +-12 volts.

Each alternate fuse has 48 volts between them so before inserting the fuses I will glue some clear plastic sheet between them so they dont short when fumbling with fuses.

<<13122008.jpg>> <<13122008(001).jpg>>

I started test charging one set of batteries and unfortunately the charger let the magic smoke out of the output electrolytic capacitor and a diode also ruptured. I have replaced the cap and diode, but the charger still has some problems. Back to e-crazyman on eBay if I cant fix it.

Another smaller ABS box has 6 fuse holders for the heater and the 12 volt power supplies to charge the accessory battery.


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