Thursday 29 May 2008

How to lower rolling resistance? Suggestions welcome

After reading Tuarn's post in the AEVA forum I got thinking more about lowering the rolling Resistance.

I had considered these ideas at different times but Tuarn rolled them up into one nice post.

Lower viscosity oil in the diff will be a must. As per Tuarn I will look for 55W75.
Setting the tow in will be important. Lower the better within reason.
Tyre pressure is a given. I will try and locate the Rolling Resistance specs for my tires.

Now the tricky part. How do you minimise brake drag. The rear drums are self adjusting and the front are disk brakes. Neither lend themselves to tweaking. Any tips and suggestions welcome.

At some point I will get some 'moonie' hub caps / wheel covers. Partly to reduce wind resistance and partly for looks.

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